Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oh dear...

How did this happen? One minute it's Christmas and the next it's March!?! What have I been doing, you might ask. I've moved all of my things from my student flat into my old room at my dad's (where did all that stuff come from???) and then moved myself and 23kg of my favorite things to Diemen, which is just outside Amsterdam. I'm currently studying Fashion and Management at Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun... there's nothing quite like the Erasmus lifestyle :-)

Here is a cavalcade of my FO's, in no particular order. I'm sorry for the lack of descriptions, I hate putting together posts with many photos. It took all I have to just arrange them and the text in some semblance of aesthetic order.

Jaywalkers for my flatmate Sanna

Jaywalker cellphone cozy for me

Doll clothes for a school project, my own 'design.'

Ursus arm warmers for Sonja (then my brother's girlfriend, now his fiance!)

Cabled dress for myself

Tiny mittens for flatmate

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