Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas crafts

I took the opportunity to do quite a lot of crafting over the holidays, but I didn't have any internet access so I'm posting it all in one.

This is the ginger bread house my friend Susanna and I made, it ended up a bit wonky so we had to improvise... a lot. It's sort of unintentionally "Nightmare before Christmas"-themed.

These socks were a Christmas gift for my mother, the pattern is from the latest issue of knitty and is called monkey.

This is my sister's dog Wagner and he is wearing a Santa outfit I made for him. It was supposed to be a jacket but since I'm an idiot I messed up and ended up having to make a cape instead. Click here to see a video of him wearing it.

This is my first try using the shrinky dinks I got ages ago in the MCDHT6 swap. I glued them onto magnets with erikeeper, managed to lose them though :( The sewing machine in the background used to be my grandmother's, pretty isn't it? No one uses it at my dad's, which is a bit of a shame since it works perfectly.

I knit this bag out of the yarn I got from Superhooker, which I dyed with koolaid. I probably didn't use enough colour because the yarn came out quite pale but I still like it. It's basically the same as the other garnstudio bag I knitted but it's slightly smaller and the handle is different. The handle is just two icords, I considered adding a third but then I got the idea to crochet myself a headband thingy out of the left over yarn.

There are still four projects that I haven't posted, two are UFOs and one is going to be sent to Superhooker and she might still lurk around and get a look at it... wouldn't want that now would we? I thought her package had gotten lost in the mail so I started a new one and then she received her package. But I had allready finished one item, so I have decided to send it since they're too small for me and I don't know anyone else who'd appriciate them.

Comments? Questions?

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