Friday, November 10, 2006

Postcard swap

I took part in a postcard swap on craftster, these are the cards I received.
The card on the left was sent to me by Listener15 sent, isn't it beautiful? She took the photo herself! I thought I'd lost it but I found it in my scanner when I wanted to scan some postcards I got through postcrossing so I could upload them to Flickr. Unfortunately I couldn't because the scanner kept complaining about something or other, I probably tripped on one of the cords again.... The one on the left is from Knuckstermom. I really like the manga-ish art (or is it anime? or is there a difference, I guess I should find out... at some point)

The Australian card was sent to me by our lovely organizer missmeshell. I like animal cards, especially exotic ones. I'm probably never going to get to go to Australia but atleast I have a post card from Australia :)
Cassafrass sent me this card, if I remember correctly it is part of a drug awarness campaign in the US. And it's always good to know where you're going.

And last but not least is the card I received from shelikesstars.
Looks like a good apple :) I've never been to Washington (I've never been to a lot of places) but I think I have some distant relatives living there (like my dad's uncles great-grandchildren or some such)

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