Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never anger the knitting gods

I fear I may have angered the almighty gods of knitting, how you may ask. I'm not sure. Perhaps it was my hubris, I was certain that I would be able to finish my Christmas projects long before Christmas. I have cast on the Branching out scarf for my father's girlfriend (eh, ladyfriend?) three times in the last three days. I keep messing up, if I wouldn't have frogged it I would almost be finished.

But, never fear. There is also some good news! I have figured out what was troubling my camera. Apparently it could not stand the cheap batteries I was using. I have since bought re-chargeable batteries and they are working like a charm.

Above you can see the, soon to be frogged, third incarnation of my Branching out scarf. It's like a "find five faults" picture, but with knitting! The yarn is Novita Olivia (70% bamboo, 30% Polyester) and was on sale for 1.50e/skein (~2.20$). It's very soft and doesn't look worse for wear, even though it's been frogged a few times!

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