Saturday, March 08, 2008

All hallows eve 2008

It may not be a surprise, to those who have read my earlier posts, that I love Halloween. I have already decided what to go as this year. I want to go as Joan of Arc, I think I might be reacting to the fact that I was a little uncomfortable in my 'sexy costume' last year (the skirt was way too short... which is why no photos of the entire ensemble were ever put up, here is an early sketch of the costume though, if you are curious!) and now I want something that covers everything :-)

This is a sketch of what it will look like, I'm going to use this vintage knitting pattern (it's a pdf-file) as inspiration for my chain mail shirt. I'll probably buy a toy sword from

I also have an idea for an alternative costume, using the same vintage pattern. Namely a Robin Hood costume, but I'm not as interested in going as Robin Hood as I am in going as Joan of Arc. Anyone else is more than welcome to use the idea though, it's hardly a very novel idea!

My drawing ability has definitely improved since last year, though last year's sketch was a very, very rough sketch, so maybe they can't really be compared :-)

First I don't write anything in 3 months and the I write two posts in one day... strange!

Edited because I can't spell this late at night!

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