Friday, October 05, 2007

My first time...

I have ordered my first skein of yarn on-line and I think I'm hooked. I just wish I'd ordered a set of needles while I was at it!

I ordered my sock wars weaponry on Monday and received it today, they are work very quickly over at Vuorelma! I hope my target will like the color, but I won't worry about it. A lot of people on the yahoo group seem to think that they can't send pink socks to a male target, I think it's silly. If he is secure enough in his masculinity to knit, he is surely man enough to wear pink socks.

In other news: I'm officially a Facebook addict... not good!

Edited to add: didn't get gauge on the Veto yarn, so I used a very masculine, dark green Gjestal Maija instead (which was supposed to become socks for either my brother or my dad)


Mamie said...

Prepare to die! But not to worry - death by Lorna's Laces in an awfully nice way to go!! :)

WIth much love,
Your sock assasin :)

Monique said...

You're my assasin.

Well Well well. The picture that you posted on the site, happens to be my favorite colour, dark green. Thank you for that.
I hope that your socks will arrive in time, because my target has officially declared my victory by e mail.
My first kill.
I don't know what happens next, if you kill me, but i've killed someone else too, then what?
I'll look forward to collect the package, I'm NOT dead yet.....

Monique said...

A green, soft Death it was....

Yes, I thought I was safe today.
But by special delivery death came to my door. Death fitted my feet perfectly, and I'm truly VERY happy with the colour of my mortal socks.
Happy knitting and thank you.