Thursday, November 09, 2006

First post!

So.... The only reason I signed up was to comment on a swap partner's blog but I guess I could upload something while I'm at it :)
My digital camera stoped working months ago so I don't really have any pictures of anything recent but here is a picture of two bags I made months ago.

They are both jordy bags, I think, you can find a tutorial here (it's really easy). In the background you can see my sock monkey Samantha who I also made months ago.

It's father's day in Finland in two days, I haven't had time to make anything special so I'll make him some chocolate fudge and maybe if I have the time knit him up some socks, a man can never have too many socks.

This is a in-progress photo of a bag I made for a swap partner. I didn't take a picture of the finished product because I ran out of film (I'm back to using my stone-age camera these days) and I finished it only 30min or so before sending the package. This is the pattern I used. Funny story, whilst checking if I had remembered to put everything in I found my tv remote inside the bag... You can see the finished bag here, along with all the other stuff I sent. None of the photos show exactly what colour it is, my photo is too light and her's is too dark.

Here is another in-progress photo of a bag I've been sewing for quite a while, I'm sewing it by hand since I am sewing machine-less these days. I doubt I'll finish it any time soon, might take it with me the next time I visit my mum and use her machine. I haven't even bought fabric to line it with. It used to be a pair of really low rise trousers that looked really silly on me, I had to pull them up every two seconds.

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