Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fat Bottom Bags

I've finished two Fat Bottom Bags, one for myself (the green one) and one for my sister (the variegated one). I still have to buy some handles, the only ones I've found cost almost 8e... I'm hoping to find cheaper ones when I go home next week!

I finished my first March sock a while back and was then overcome by the dreaded second sock syndrome :( I'll start it someday, honestly. The progress of my clapotis is also being held because I am honestly so bored with that pattern and I messed up a bit... I should really frog it and start over again.

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Larjmarj said...

I continually hear that regarding the clapotis. I mean it looks like a really cool pattern and I hear that it's a quick knit but I tend to hide my boring knits at the bottom of my basket and forget about them.