Friday, April 11, 2008

This and that

The school induced madness is finally over and I am, once again the mistress of my own schedule! For this weekend anyway, the next block is starting on monday. Some days I'm ready to call it quits and go home (summer holidays start there next week...) and other days I never want to leave Amsterdam! My dad is coming over next friday though, so I'm in a good mood about that! My mum will visit me in 2.5 weeks, yay!

I'm done with the knitting part of my raglan hoodie version of Sesame. I'm in mad, mad love with it! I'll weave in the ends, eventually. Since it's a little bigger than it should be (my gauge changed...) so I'll probably put in a zipper insted of th button band. I might still frog the top part of the hood, inorder to make it bigger. I'll definitely knit another raglan Sesame at some point, a single colour one! I hate, hate, hate weaving in ends! I'd link to the pattern but I'm not sure where it can be found at this time, since Magknits is no more. It's a shame, I really liked a lot of the patterns. I hope the editor is ok, all that drama can easily get to you!

I used the left over yarn to knit a Purl beret and I've started a Mr.Dangly, but its on hold until I figure out what to stuff it with! I don't know why my right eye is squinting like that, I seem to do that in all the photos I'm in. Its so unfair that some people photograph well and some... don't. I once had a really strange conversation at a party, with a guy about that (the conversation started with "I saw a photo of you, you looked really drunk" I wasn't drunk!).

There is a group on Ravelry called "10 lousy bucks", which is holding Ravelraiser '08. If you donate 10 dollars to Ravelry, you can win all sort of cool stuff. Go, donate! I think it's definitely worth it, I'm on Ravelry pretty much every damn day (don't tell me you're not!).

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