Friday, February 16, 2007

Almost free

I've got an almost two week long holiday coming up, all I have to do is to study for a test and write a report over the weekend, take the test on Monday, go to a lecture on Tuesday and then I'll have 12 days of knitting to look forward to!

I've finished the first sleeve of my Tubey and I've knit about 10cm (4 inches) of the second one *yay* Not bad considering I started it about 7 days ago, huh? No pictures at this point though, couldn't get a good one of the whole thing so I gave up (for now).

Did you know that Finns use the most yarn in the world? Apparently we Finnish knitters buy enough to give every person in the country (give or take 5 million) 200g!

Also, I only just realized that Blogger has a spellchecking feature...

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