Monday, September 24, 2007

Progress report

I have started knitting this three times, which is why I am so deliriously happy that it fits. I'm using the Minisweater/Boob holder pattern, but without the poofy sleeves. And I'm making both the body and the sleeves longer.

I didn't get the right gauge so I had to add 20sts. It doesn't look all that much like finished ones I've seen, but I hope it'll sort itself out! Because if I have to frog it again I might have a nervous break down...

I'm using two strands of Novita Florica, which is 100% wool. Which means the sweater is going to be very warm and toasty. Yay! The colors don't look that terrible in real life, must stop taking photos of projects in the dead of night!

It's not long 'til Sock Wars start! I can hardly wait! There's still time to sign up! You know you want to!

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