Sunday, February 25, 2007

Internet withdrawl :(

I've spent the last few days first at my dad's and then at my mother's, helping her move into her new place. I hate moving, I've told her that she isn't allowed to move for another 10 years... at least ;=)

I've almost finished my green hat for the Green Hat-along at Get Stitchy, I used fisherman's wool that I dyed with green and yellow Koolaid. It looks awesome, the pattern is called the Greenery Hat which I don't have a link to because I'm sitting at my mother's cousin's computer. I can't finish the hat until I go home because I didn't bring any dpns... I feel so stupid!

On other news, I've only got another ~15cm left of the body of my Tubey (and it's soooo boring to knit it!)

No photos, sorry. Left the cable thing at home.

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