Thursday, February 08, 2007

Calorimetry 3.0

I knit myself a third calorimetry, since I gave the blue one to a friend (blue isn't really my colour.) So technically it's my second one :)
It's Novita 7 veljestä and my ears are nice and toasty... which is not something I can say for the rest of me, it's really cold both in my flat and outdoors. I'm wearing 3 sweaters, jeans, long johns and two pairs of socks! I'm thinking of putting on a pair of gloves, but it'd make knitting and typing difficult! The other photo is of my friend Susku wearing her new Calorimetry, she seemed very happy with it, which in turn made me happy!

I've decided to join the Green Hat-along at Get Stitchy, I'm about 85% sure of the pattern I want to use. Another thing I've decided is that I'm going to get over the "sweater fear" and knit myself a tubey with black and red stripes.

Let me tell you the story of my first (and so far, only) handknit sweater. It was knit out of quite bulky, mostly acrylic yarn that felt a bit scratchy against my hands as I was knitting it (not a good sign), it was lavender a colour I have since grown to loathe with a passion. The pattern was boring, all stockinette all the time. It was in Finnish so my Swedish speaking teacher was of no help (did I mention I was 13?) what so ever. No one told me I needed to check my gauge before starting it, but since I'd finished the back, front and one of the sleves by that time (after about 4 months of dull knitting) I decided I didn't f*cking care. I knit all the pieces but never got around to seaming the tiny, hideous mess, which then spent about a year in the back of my closet until it was passed on to my grandmother for some reason. Since no one in the family could fit into it by this point, it was forgotten by all. Or atleast me. I have no idea what happened to it after this, I hope she frogged it and used it for some other project (it really would be wrong to throw away free yarn!)

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